The Many Faces Of Stirring

You have to hold one of these handcrafted utensils to experience how silky smooooooth it feels. Each begins as kiln-dried hardwood lumber, most of which comes from fallen trees in Southwest Michigan. After roughing out the blank on a bandsaw and belt sander, each utensil is meticulously shaped and hand-sanded in a multi-step process with up to 600 grit sandpaper, until it feels just right. A coat of our rich mineral oil/beeswax food-safe Wood Conditioner, followed by buffing to a satin finish completes the process.

Note: Every item is one-of-a-kind due to color and grain variations in the wood and will differ somewhat from the photos.

Care: Hand wash using warm soapy water, and never put in a dishwasher. When dry, recoat with MW Wood Conditioner to keep your utensil looking great. We recommend that you don’t put these handcrafted items in any boiling liquid, and don’t leave them soaking in water. Doing so will raise the wood grain, making the surface feel rough. This is easily fixable by sanding with medium, then extra-fine sandpaper, followed by a coat of mineral oil or our MW Wood Conditioner. As time goes on, sanding and buffing will be needed less frequently.

Sure, you can buy cheaper, machine-made imported kitchen utensils. But ours are carefully handcrafted in the USA, and once you feel them in your fingers we hope you’ll agree they’re an excellent value.

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Wood Conditioner


You’ll love how our natural, food-safe blend of mineral oil and beeswax nourishes, enhances and extends the life of your wood utensils, cutting boards, trays and salad bowls.

If the wood is rough, sand first with fine sandpaper (320+ grit), wipe clean then apply the conditioner with a cloth, paper towel or your fingers. Let it dry for a few minutes, then buff with a soft cloth—you’ll be amazed at the ultra-smooth surface and enhanced wood grain! Repeat when the wood appears rough or dry.

Custom blended in the expansive test kitchen at Matson Woodworking’s world headquarters, then packaged in cool tins with sliding lids and instructions. The 0.50 ounce size will treat several utensils; order the 2 ounce tin for nourishing cutting boards, trays and bowls.